Figure out the virtual reality of beach house rental

Virtual world is overlapping the real world very fast. All the services, all the real world information are gradually making their presence felt on these virtual platforms. People are keen to be seen on these platforms. Some websites have become a virtual market place where people are bidding and bargaining.

Virtual tours can present a fabricated picture of the property

Best angles, shining colors and the finishing touch of a graphics designer all these things can also create a deceiving impact on you. Don’t get lured by these factors. For instance if we talk about the size of a room then in this case they can show you a bigger room with the help of wide angle lens.

Before making a final booking ask for the real size of the room. Always check for the logistics very carefully. Make sure to ask it again and again that they are going to deliver the same property when you will reach there.

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Ask for a blue print or a map

Compare it with the seating plan arrangement of a flight, the way you check the window seat there. It is the same here. Here you need to see the map of the location first and then check out the desired location in the map. If you book early then make it double sure that you are getting a condo with the best view.

Some old time trickster always saves the best room for the season itself so that they can sale them on a high price. When you do this virtual tour of the site then try to make sure that your notes are matching up with the claim of the property owner.

Check the physical status of the connectivity from a different source

Three miles from the airport is a vague term, unless you are not aware about the conditions of the roads and the frequency of the transport. This is one equation that you need to take care all the time.

When they talk about certain posh area then in this case make sure the property is not located in some dingy alley near a big monument or historical places. You can face this type of deception in some third world countries.

Don’t get lured by the pool, make sure it is functional as well

Ask them about the number of pool showers. Ask them if they will charge extra for pool towels. If they are genuine then in this case they will tell you about the price tag attached to it or they will tell you that you will have only one towel during a day. Swimming pools and Jacuzzi tubs are really easy to make. But keeping them in a working order is not an easy task.

Trust a video more

If you can check out the videos of the property then in this case you can get the clear picture.

As the bottom line we can say that keep your expectations low when you are judging a property with the help of a virtual tour. They say a picture can speak thousand words. Now it is an art to figure out the truth of these thousand words.


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